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Inspired how powerful a connection he developed to the tracking of his runs, Chris Lukic has built a website to display data from a Nike sensor and put it in a social context.  There are badges to reward users for various achievements, and something akin to a leaderboard for seeing how your runs compare to those of your friends — a little friendly competition to increase motivation.  Chris has also spent a lot of time working on the visualization of correlations, such as grouping runs of a similar length together or looking at how your performance changes by the day of the week.  He has a few ideas for incorporating other data sources that might have interesting correlations, but is looking for feedback from the QS community, so check out the video below and give his site a whirl!

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  1. Klaas says:

    Nike+ is what sparked my personal interest in QS, although Nike to date hasn’t understood the concept and stopped innovating the product & website after introduction… Very enthusiastic about the Smashrun site, which is what Nike could/should have built years ago.
    The comment from Chris Lukic on not runnning without the sensor is 100% recognizable!

  2. I can also fully understand the concept of becoming so “married” to the data from a run that don’t feel it’s worthwhile to exercise if my device is not working. Indeed this behavioral change has actually improved the quality of my workouts. In the past I would do all of my running in the morning before work and didn’t think I would have the time or effort necessary to workout at a different time. However, on one particular morning when I realized that I hadn’t charged my GPS device overnight and realized that I didn’t feel like running in the morning I had the stroke of genius to take my device to work, charge it at the office and run after work. (This was the first time I had run in the evening in maybe 10 years) and (low and behold) it was very enjoyable and has been incorporated into my regular routine.

    I’m going to go over and check out the site with my fingers crossed that it will accept data from an Android device.

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