Numbers from Around the Web: Round 3

Will Lam loves coffee. As the chief blogger over at Indie Coffee Blog he’s constantly trying new roasts, new places and letting his readers know about good coffee spots around his hometown of Toronto. In 2011 he decided to go a step further and really track his coffee habits. Let’s look at a few of his awesome insights:

Number of Cups of Coffee Consumed (total and by type):

Frequency of Coffee Consumption:

Total Spending by Location on Coffee:

I highly recommend reading his fascinating blog post about what he learned by tracking his coffee habits over an entire year. You can find that here. Will also used his new found love of data collection to steer him to his local QS Meetup. Way to go Will and thanks for letting us learn from your data!

We got such great feedback on the orignal NFATW post that we decided to turn it into a regular feature. Every few weeks be on the lookout for new posts profiling interesting individuals and their data. If you have an interesting story or link to share leave a comment or contact the author here.

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2 Responses to Numbers from Around the Web: Round 3

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  2. glynis redford says:

    Practical piece ! I am thankful for the analysis – Does someone know where my company could access a sample NY DTF ST-100 form to complete ?

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