Quantified Self and the Future of Health

On February 7th, 2012 there was an amazing “meeting of the minds” at CALIT2 down in San Diego, CA. The local San Diego Quantified Self meetup group working in collaboration with CALIT2, the Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, and the West Wireless Health Institute brought together Gary Wolf (Quantified Self founder), Larry Smarr (CALIT2 founding director), Dr. Eric Topol (Scrips Translational Research Institute director and world-renowned digital health evangelist), and Dr. Joseph Smith (Chief Medical Officer of the West Wireless Health Institute) for a great panel discussion. As you’ll see and hear below, it was a lively discussion surrounding the topics of Quantified Self, personal health, the future of the medical profession, and patient-provider communication. There was also a great round of questions from the audience (and twitter) and I highly suggest you stick around to hear the very last question!

Special thanks to CALIT2 for filming and editing the event video. You can find more videos from CALIT2 on the their Youtube channel here.

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One Response to Quantified Self and the Future of Health

  1. We all act like neurons feeding the central brain (social networking/cloud), and now with Quantified Self data, we as neurons have branched out many more dendrites and synapses (sensors), allowing new manner of connections (data) into the cloud. (This movement is on the order of change as single neuron is to brain.)
    Historically we have had to wait for the gross “sensors” of our body to interpolate their sensations into symptoms to then relate to the experts. Physicians will now be cowboys of datasets brought in by individuals asking them if the dataset is viable and the physician will instruct the individual as to which other sensors they should use and how to interpret those data points/sets.
    Consumer sleep devices cannot be more important as the final questioner makes note. The more the better. I invented and offered a FREE open-source sleep/wake metric for 20 years now, and it it is still available, and is better than Zeo. http://www.zzzratio.com

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