Beijing Quantified Self?

I recently had lunch with Richard Sprague, an engineer at Microsoft Beijing. He raised the possibility of starting a Quantified Self Meetup group in Beijing. The meetings could be held in one of Microsoft’s two brand new buildings, which are in the exact center of Zhongguancun. If you might attend, please let me know (e.g., by commenting on this post).

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15 Responses to Beijing Quantified Self?

  1. lispython says:

    I’m an editor at Programmer Magazine of China, I live in Beijing, this year I read some articles about QS and really interested in this field, if there’s a QS meeting in Beijing, I’d like to attend. If there’s any thing I can help, please let me know.

    • Woody says:

      Hi reborts,
      I am a data analyst who have biotechnology. I am realy interested in QS and willing to attend the QS meeting. At the same time, I am willing to help if I can support this.

    • qsinbj says:

      Me and colleagues are organizing the Beijing Quantified Self MeetUp. You are all cordially welcome to attend. Everyone currently on this message board will get free admittance.

      We are currently spreading the word out to let as many people who might want to attend know, so feel free to bring friends, colleagues and significant others.



    • Polly says:

      Just an update for you since you stated that you might be interested in attending a QS meetup in Beijing. We are organizing a meetup in Chaoyang District for the QS : Beijing please see:

      You are very cordially welcome.

  2. Dersu says:

    I’ve read this blog for almost one year, and I’m a IT dept. manager and live in Beijing.If I could manage the time when the QS meetup will be held, I’d like to be in. Thanks for everything you’ve done, I got a lot

  3. Lei Gao says:

    Oh noooooo, Just back from Beijing….cant attend the meeting, so sad,
    Currently we working on our first QS project, a web based app collect and analysis ur sleeping quality(kind of), here is the website.

  4. Lei Gao says:

    sorry, forgot the link,
    its a alpha demo..

  5. Joh says:

    Very interested, but not in Beijing currently… In the bay area now. Hit me up and I’ll see if we can set it up here and then I can help facilitate there when I go.

  6. Yes! We are in Beijing and working on systems that can drive the Quantified Self. At least three of us to attend!

  7. Coley says:

    Yes! In Shanghai but in Beijing often enough…let me know if you set a date

  8. qsinbj says:

    Hi all,
    We have decided to make the Beijing Quantified Self meetup a reality. We are organizing the meetup and currently in the publicizing phase. We have chosen a very good venue in Chaoyang. Please see the details on the following link for the website we have made for the meetup:


  9. Polly says:

    Hi all,
    we warmly welcome you to come to Quantified Self Beijing Symposium on Sept.22. Here is the website we created:

    If you have any question, please let me know

  10. Woody says:

    what it the progress for Beijing Meeting?

    • Polly says:

      Hi Woody,
      The registration has just started and we have already received Early Bird registrations directly from our site from both Chinese and Foreigners who will attend. Which is excellent because we are aiming to make it a very inclusive event. So the status at the moment is that we are currently spreading the word so that people who will be in Beijing around the meetup date can also attend. Any help in this regard will be very welcome as well because we would like to have as diverse a group of people as possible.


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