Quantified Self and the future of healthcare

A few months ago Quantified Self received an invitation from the Health Informatics Society of Australia to speak to their members at their annual conference hic2012. They wanted to hear a QS perspective on the future of healthcare.

I volunteered to go down under, to share some interesting self-tracking stories, and to speak about the possible impact of self-tracking on the world of healthcare. I drew analogies to the revolution caused by personal computing — the liberation of computing from the province of an elite few to a tool for the masses — to the revolution that might be caused by the advancement of personal science — a similar liberation of health science, and titled the talk “The Future of Healthcare: Innovation at the Edge”.

This was the teaser description of the keynote from the conference program:

Nearly 40 years ago in Silicon Valley, a group of pioneers leveraged technological advances and new ways of thinking to make computing personal. Computing went from being dismissed as a tool of bureaucratic control to being embraced as a symbol of individual expression and liberation. The creativity of millions of individuals was unleashed. Their experimentation has changed the world, often exceeding the innovation from traditional institutions. Today another generation is leveraging technological advances and new ways of thinking to make healthcare personal. They are developing and using tools, technologies, ideas and communities to enable and empower individuals to understand and manage their own health. They are encouraging and supporting crowd-sourced scientific advancements. What are these people doing? What tools are they using? What have they learnt? And how is all this activity going to impact traditional healthcare institutions, the nature of care services, and the pace of health technology innovation?

Click here to see the slides and my prepared remarks: http://www.slideshare.net/rajiv.mehta/hic2012-the-future-of-healthcare-innovation-at-the-edge


About Rajiv Mehta

Rajiv helps companies evaluate and commercialize innovation through Bhageera Consulting, is developer of the Unfrazzle self-care and family caregiving app, is co-organizer of the San Franicsco Bay Area Quantified Self meetup group, and is on the board of the Family Caregiver Alliance.
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4 Responses to Quantified Self and the future of healthcare

  1. It was an enlightening presentation which provided much food for thought. With a national Personal Health record project underway Rajiv’s work suggested a new use based on wellness rather than disease management which was of great interest. As with all such innovations much work is required to develop a sustainable and effective program. However we do need the “early adopters” to show us the way.

  2. joan justice says:

    Hi – I am the curator of the SocialMediaToday healthcare website, HealthWorks Collective. We are starting a series on Person-Centered HealthCare and I would love to repost your slideshow, this post, or whatever I could about the QS movement as I believe it is an integral part of the topic. Please let me know if you can help or if you agree to the re-posting. Of course, you will get full credit with a link to the original post, etc. Thanks, joan

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