London Meetup #13

The QS London meeting in October (#13) was full of interesting speakers and they’re now available in video form. You can find them all on the London Channel at:

London QS Channel

The October talks include (in the order presented):

  • Conference Roundup¬†(Adriana Lukas). An Overview for Londoners of the QS Annual Conference.
  • SnoreLab (Jules Goldberg). Jules talks about his new iPhone app for tracking and (hopefully) taking control of snoring problems.
  • The Memome Project (Stuart Calimport). Stuart talks about his personal adventure in finding the most useful memes for health and wellbeing.
  • Quantify my Brain (Ryota Kanai). Professor Ryota discusses his experiments with brain imaging and how his brain compares to others.
  • Quantify my Emotions (Matt Dobson). Matt shares his knowledge about the quantification of emotions and shares some interesting current technologies as well as what he sees coming over the next few years.
It was a great day, I hope you enjoy these sessions as much as the folks who were there did.
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