Ari Berwaldt on Sleep, Cognition and Fasting

Ari Berwaldt wanted to better understand how his sleep affected his mental performance. In this great talk Ari explains his insights from tracking his cognitive skills using Quantified Mind and some surprising results about the lack of correlation between his Zeo data and his mental performance. Make sure to keep watching as Ari also explains some very interesting data and conclusions from blood glucose and ketone tracking during fasting. Filmed at the QS Silicon Valley meetup group.

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4 Responses to Ari Berwaldt on Sleep, Cognition and Fasting

  1. Jarno Virtanen says:

    I wonder if he could do a correlation of longer term sleep amount (and its various components) to the mental performance. As I understand, and has been my own experience, it is not the night before that matters but the overall sleep debt. In the studies William Dement quotes, they usually put the subjects in a prolonged sleep extension, making them sleep more over a longer period of time, and the subjects’ performance improves only after several weeks.

    With Ari’s data, I think he could run a correlation against the cumulative sleep amount over two weeks or even more. I’ve found in myself that the amount of sleep of previous night doesn’t necessarily correlate with the mental fogginess. In fact, after a single longer sleep, I might experience dozy during the day.

  2. Doug Stewart says:

    Very interesting stuff trying to see if there’s a correlation between mental ability and sleep. I’m a Zeo user and can subjectively say the same – no correlation. Regardless of the quality of the sleep, mental performance the next day is about the same. A nap in the afternoon, though, seems to kick things up a bit. I have to go to Quantified Mind and run a few after-nap experiments!

  3. Bob says:

    I work online all day and my ability to focus does depend on amount and quality of sleep. My mental ability is much sharper after a good night of sound sleep.
    At times I have a difficult time balancing this routine with 2 small children and mulitple business deadlines.

  4. Charlie says:

    Interesting stuff Ari. Proper sleep has always improved my mental ability and my ability to work properly. But a single longer sleep for such a long period can still make you drowsy or more sleepy during the day.

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