Ashish Mukharji on Three Years of Tracking Happiness

In this wonderful talk from the Bay Area Quantified Self Show&Tell meeting, Ashish Mukharji, author of Run Barefoot, Run Healthy, describes doing three years of continuous happiness tracking, using a single number.

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11 Responses to Ashish Mukharji on Three Years of Tracking Happiness

  1. Kate says:

    I loved this talk. I probably tell someone about it at least once a day. Funny thing is, when I ask What do you think was the number one factor that negatively influenced his happiness? everyone has a different answer! Ashish’s answer, lack of sleep, COMPLETELY resonated for ME. But I think the questions really gets people thinking about what resonates for them! Fascinating and fun.

  2. Belinda says:

    I love how Ashish focuses on intuition and reflection in the act of happiness tracking and didn’t get too hung up with the numbers. I created urWell, an iPhone app for tracking overall wellness, with a similar intent to help people pay attention to aspect of their lifestyle contribute to their overall wellness. I’m definitely going to add a happiness focus area now!

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  4. Loral says:

    This is really interesting! Is their any way to get a copy of the metrics Ashish tracked on the spreadsheet?

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  9. Ashish,

    Really enjoyed your talk. With Expereal, I’ve been trying to attack the same challenge. I’m releasing a version, 3.0, in a few weeks that will allow data export…at long last…based on requests from a few people in the community.

    Interestingly, averaging everyone’s data ratings (taking daily averages of all, and then averaging them for a month), the monthly averages have been hovering very close to a 6 +/-. You mentioned you were at a 7. It’s made me wonder whether our emotional resiliency to good and bad events – as discussed by Daniel Gilbert – might result in this relatively low amplitude.

    In any case, cool insights. Thank you!


  10. For anyone interested, the data export version of Expereal has just been released in the App Store. Makes this type of tracking very easy:

    Any questions, please write me:

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