Peter Denman on Visualizing Data with Biomimicry

Biomimicry is an interesting topic and one that we’ve started to see creep into our Quantified Self tools and visualizations. While recovering from surgery, Pete Denman, an interaction designer at Intel, became inspired to start to explore biomimicry as a way to show data. In this short Ignite talk from our 2013 European Conference, Pete talks about  his inspiration and how he’s begun testing and learning about using “beautiful mathematics” to explore visualizing data.

Thanks to Gary Wolf, we were able to find a great presentation delivered by Pete that provides a bit more detail on his excellent work:


This talk was filmed at our 2013 Quantified Self European Conference. We hope that you’ll join us this year for our 2013 Global Conference where we’ll have great talks, sessions, and discussions that cover the wide range of Quantified Self topics. Registration is now open so make sure to get your ticket today!


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One Response to Peter Denman on Visualizing Data with Biomimicry

  1. Gary Wolf says:

    I wish we had more of Pete’s work to show in this video: perhaps this will just serve as a hint about an important direction QS visualization is taking, with Pete as one of the leading advocates. For another hint, see this link to Pete’s slides from a talk last year in Dublin:

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