Have Faith in Ingenuity by Jose Gomez-Marquez

February 19, 2016


From the Quantified Self Public Health Symposium

“We have to have a fundamental faith in ingenuity.”

Jose Gomez-Marquez wants to live in a world where anybody can go to what he calls “the primary sources” and ask questions of themselves using novel forms of sensing. At the Little Device Lab at MIT, Jose and his colleagues focus on bringing the ingenuity of the maker movement to the world of health and healthcare. In projects like Maker Nurse , they focus on understanding the questions people ask, the problems they face, and how they develop homegrown DIY methods to find answers. In this talk Jose uses specific examples from a new course at MIT to explain the idea of “transparent boxes” — systems and technologies that allow individuals to be creative in their exploration of themselves through data.

Watch Jose’s video on Medium.

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