First Boston QS Show&Tell Meeting!

February 18, 2010

Please join organizer Michael Nagle and the pioneering members of the new Boston Quantified Self group at their first Show&Tell on Wednesday, March 3. Full details here:

Quantified Self Boston

Michael and some collaborators have started a collective of community scientists called sprout, where the first Show&Tell is being hosted. You can find out more about sprout on their web site. Here’s an excerpt:

sprout is a collective of community scientists united by a passion for
playful experimentation and a desire to become better learners,
teachers, and doers. We design tools to collect and visualize data
and reveal chances for deep engagement with the scientific side of
everyday life.

We are working to become better facilitators of our own and each
other’s learning, with a focus on sharing and documenting the projects
we work on and the skills and understanding we acquire.

We want science to be a cultural activity. You can be a waiter from
9-5, jam with your friends at night, and still call yourself a
musician. But you can’t do the same for science, yet. Through
sprout’s future educational programs and soon-to-be-public labspace,
we want to build a community of everyday experimentalists and open up
the resources needed to support independent learning.

It is always fun to be around the first time something interesting happens.
There is obviously a great group of self-quantifiers in the Boston area. The Boston QS Show&Tell is going to be fantastic, so show up if you can.

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