Get Insights From Your Data: Addapp at QS15

June 10, 2015

Next week we’re hosting our QS15 Conference and Expo and we’re delighted that so many great toolmakers will be joining us to show off their devices, apps, and services. We’ve  asked each of our toolmakers to give us a bit more background information about their company and what they’re excited about. If you’d like to meet these innovative companies and the amazing people behind them then make sure to register today!


1. How do you describe Addapp?
Addapp is a free iPhone app that provides personalized insights into your well-being from data you already produce with wearable devices & apps. For example, Addapp can detect a relationship between your protein intake and your weight, as well as between your deep sleep and your cycling.

Addapp has made a conscious decision to focus on providing awesome insights, but it also expands on them by giving users more background info and suggestions but also calls to actions.

2. What’s the backstory? How did you get started?
Around two years ago, CEO Kouris Kalligas started using all kinds of fitness apps/devices and put all of his data into one Excel document. He wanted to understand any important correlations or other relationship types within his data. He ended up with such a big spreadsheet filled with findings and he quickly realized keeping up with it was not sustainable. He got involved in the Quantified Self community and joined the QS conference in Amsterdam. It took him only one day to realize that he was not alone in this problem. This is why he started Addapp: to make sense of the data produced by wearable devices and apps people use to track their well-being (running, cycling, sleep, biometrics, etc.).

3. What impact has it had? What have you heard from users?
Addapp is at early growth stage with thousands of signups and active users. We are learning every day what users want and optimizing insights for it. They are asking for smarter and more engaging insights, and that’s exactly what our team is doing in the background. In the fall of 2015, we plan to make an even bigger splash in the market with new functionalities, which we are currently defining based on customer research.

4. How can people find out more about you?
If you want to know more about Addapp, browse to, find it for free in the App Store, tweet us @addappio or mail us at We guarantee everyone gets a reply!

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