May QS Newsletter

April 30, 2012

As we wrap up a wonderful April we here at QS Labs wanted to create something to let you all know what’s going with Quantified Self. Thanks to some prompting from our wonderful worldwide meetup organizers we decided to create the QS Newsletter.







Inside you’ll find a variety of information we hope you enjoy:

  • A nice article about active moderating from our very own Gary Wolf
  • The current May schedule for QS Meetups
  • Recent pictures from QS Meetups around the world
  • A profile of Ciaran Lyons, the meetup organizer for QS Singapore
  • Links to top videos and posts from
  • 2012 QS Conference information

Download your copy of the May 2012 QS Newsletter here. Copy it, share it, and let us know what you think!

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Design and Implementation of Participant-Led Research

Azure Grant and Gary Wolf

September 3, 2019

THE QUANTIFIED SELF is about making personally relevant discoveries using our own self-collected data. We call this practice everyday science, a name that emphasizes its nonprofessional character. Lately, we've been organizing small group projects that show how collaboration can make individual projects easier. Today we're publishing a detailed white paper documenting the design and implementation of our recent "Bloodtesters" PLR, hoping it will be useful to others who follow in our footsteps. Please click through to the full post to read about the white paper and download a complete version.

Family Trajectories: An Interview with Stephen Cartwright

Gary Wolf

April 5, 2019

Stephen Cartwright has been tracking his location by the minute for more than twenty years, using the detailed records as material for artworks that embody biographical time with a materiality through which invisible forces can be seen.

What did you learn?

Steven Jonas

March 20, 2019

We've posted more than thirty new Show&Tell videos from our conference in Portland, including Professor Allen Neuringer's remarkable opening talk about what he's learned from thirty years of doing and teaching self-experimentation.