QS Gallery: Nick Winter

November 21, 2013

Nick Winter is a tracker, self-experimenter, and builder of popular tools (like Quantified Mind). Nick sent us this amazing visualization of his percentile feedback system he uses to keep track of his work efficiency.

My percentile feedback graph of my development productivity helps my motivation
-Nick Winter

Percentile feedback is an interesting topic we’ve covered here in previous years. Our good friend Seth Roberts does a masterful job explaining the concept and giving examples using his own experience here and here. Nick was inspired by Seth’s work and sought to incorporate it into his daily productivity tracking. He presented his method at a QS Pittsburgh meetup in 2012:

Of course, Nick didn’t stop there. He’s continued hacking and experimenting with his productivity. This recently culminated in something he called “Maniac Week” – a full week to see how much work he could accomplish. Of course, he also tracked his work and broke down his findings and insights in this great post.

If you’re tracking your productivity and found something interesting we’d love to here from you. Connect with us on Twitter or leave a comment here.

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