QS SHOW&TELL – New York Edition

April 21, 2009


Self Quantifiers in New York now have their own QS Show&Tell Meetup, courtesy of Steve Dean, who has been following QS almost since its inception.

Steve was out here in the Bay Area for the second Show&Tell we had last year, and he has arranged to have the first meeting at Parsons, The New School for Design, where he teaches.

This is a great downtown location and convinient from all directions.

If you are a New York area reader of the QS blog, please come. The Show&Tell format will be the same as the SF Bay Area meetings, which is the same as it was in first grade. There will be brief presentations followed by questions and discussion about our self-tracking projects, ideas, tools, and experiments. You can message Steve from the Meetup page if you’d like to present. You can also make a spur of the moment decision when you show up.

To get more information and RSVP for the QS Show&Tell, New York Edition, join here:

NY Quantified Self Meetup

PS: I’m going to head out to New York for the first meeting, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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