#QS2011 insights from Day 1

May 28, 2011

What an incredible day! So many familiar faces, so many apps I use! The first QS conference was an absolute hit, judging from my own experience as well as the stream of consciousness I obtained from Twitter.

Today, it was my job to blog and tweet the general goings-on of the conference. But it quickly dawned on me that I couldn’t make it to even 15% of the talks, let alone all of them! So, in lieu of ramblings from my incomplete experience, what follows is a timeline of events I pieced together by filtering through #QS2011-tagged tweets (there were over 1100! Thanks @karenherzog for the data!).

For more insights, check out TwapperKeeper. If I missed anything, tweet/email/comment and I’ll add it!

See you tomorrow! – Eri

  • @sgdean #qs2011 open! Blood bouncer Ivo herding Scanadu folks. QSers arrive.
  • @jpmarcum Excited to be here for Quantified Self Conf – tweets might get a little nerdy for a while.. #qs2011 http://4sq.com/iNuVyT
  • @pmurgia #qs2011, Gary Wolf, opening session at quantified self conference. Using “personal computing” to discover what PC tools can do for us
  • @MorningCoach Serendipity plays a huge role in discovery #QS2011 Gary Wolf
  • @nagle5000 Paraphrasing @agaricus — as computation has turned into “personal computing”, so will the technologies of the self. #QS2011
  • @sarahnovotny what did you do? how did you do it? and WHAT DID YOU LEARN? #qs2011
  • @QuantifiedSelf “The purpose of the weekend is thinking” by @agaricus#QS2011#QuantifiedSelf
  • @pattifbrennan Seth Roberts -why does personal science matter? #QuantifiedSelf -learn things that can’t be learned otherwise! Get the big picture #qs2011
  • @hugooc#qs2011 Seth Roberts on science: Personal vs. Professional. Covered words say “maximum” http://t.co/1ZcjOvF
  • @ieslick Random double-blind placebo-controlled trials. Have led to lImited progress, but at least they’re done right! A rain dance? Roberts #QS2011
  • @smocelyn Have trouble sleeping? Bob up and down on one leg until exhaustion – six times a day. Seth Roberts says you sleep like a baby. #qs2011#fb
  • @hugooc Seth Roberts on QS’ers: In a battle, the 1st wave of soldiers get slaughtered—but they also get all the glory. #qs2011
  • @LisaBL Lesson learned: “Try something!” – Seth Roberts #QS2011
  • @krash63 Dont sell technology, sell a solution. Zeo isnt a sleep monitor, its a sleep management solution. #QS2011
  • @PaulTarini Fred Trotter QS data, Physican data and EHRs. What happens when they bump into each? #qs201
  • @dalelarson [Live in beta!] “Life is a prototype.” -@Matthewcornell, who is telling me about thinktrylearn.com #QS2011
  • @YBRtweets QS business model options: subscription, hardware, services, advertising, licensing, data mining, renewable products, others? #qs2011
  • @jsonin This year’s cow bell = mood apps at #qs2011 … every other poster/app is a mood tracker.
  • @coreyhaines Look for the @Mercury_app cards to help keep track of how the conference is going. #QS2011 See @fablednet tell stories at ignite talks
  • @pattifbrennan Fred Trotter providing a nice intro to #NIHN, #ONC Direct, and the differences between health data & all the rest! #qs2011
  • @BodyMedia#qs2011 data data data and the potential benefits from combinations..http://t.co/SsX0o38
  • @coreyhaines Watch out how much detail you track. Too many numbers can be detrimental. Sometimes tracking feeling is enough. #QS2011
  • @uxgreg Speaker tracked his heart rate & run pace, found lower pace/higher HR day before getting sick. Extra sleep shortened sickness. #QS2011
  • @ieslick Here are the microsoft slides for the #nhindirect#quantifiedselfpresentation http://slidesha.re/l6BHE5#QS2011
  • @YBRtweets Consumer wellness quicker, more efficient and easier to get to market in qs vs. Medical system #qs2011
  • @rcalo Ian Li at #qs2011: Don’t necessarily automate self-tracking. Tracking the data yourself is part of the behavior-changing process.
  • @PaulTarini Trotter-direct network lets you send anything you want to your doc via e-mail attachment #qs2011
  • @joshuakauffman Deborah Rozman: Optimal state for positive change is relaxation and being energised. #qs2011
  • @hormetic emWave2, either earclip or thumbpress, collects “coherence” heat rate variability. CEO demos live heart calming #qs2011.
  • @geerlinger We can measure your appreciation! And (not so shockingly) it makes you well! #emwave#heartmath#qs2011
  • @raymondmccauley Not all sharing is good. So poop.ly, the Foursquare of bathroom visits, probably a non-starter. #QS2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 the Quantified Challenges are collection, synchronization, organization, noise, quantification, consistency and correctness
  • @hormetic Attention training breakout discussion – anecdote on curing jet lag with melatonin for sleep, modefanil for concentration #QS2011
  • @JamesRKean Breakout session at #qs2011 how QS disrupts electronic health record. Slides posted at directproject.org.
  • @JulieSammons Would you swallow medication w/ embedded digestible sensors, activated by stomach fluid? Proteus Biomedical makes pills personal #QS2011
  • @sarahnovotny#QS2011 there’s a wiki! http://sarah.is/iHW6Qv — thanks to @beaugunderson
  • @dotpeople#health Quick Coherence: Deborah Rozman on high-speed meditation 🙂 http://huff.to/aoEULr#brain#psychology#gtd#learn#creativity#qs2011
  • @JulieSammons Rick Smolan pitches Reflections in a Digital Mirror project: 24 hrs, 10 million human sensors, 1,000 journalists in 50 countries #QS2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Scanadu – building the Tricorder – from Star Trek – device to help you understand the world around you
  • @SyType It all started with a boy…..add some sad pandas, and voila, reliable info…and happiness! @mercuryapp #qs2011
  • @bigs Provocative thoughts from participants in ‘Quantified Us’ breakout. “Personal epistemologies.” #qs2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Agile Lean Self development – can agile techniques be applied to self development to understand how to improve self
  • @florianbailey Smiling predicts longevity http://t.co/BF8UCDD#qs201
  • @hormetic Children smile ~400X a day, whereas 30% of adults smile only 15X.#QS2011 Is there something u care about that u can measure each day?
  • @pattifbrennan #qs2011 Sean Aherns & #prjhealthdesign‘s Nikolai taking worms for health–self experiments help figure out what may really work for health
  • @jpmarcum cool viz of teens’ texting patterns http://living-profiles.net#qs2011
  • @nagle5000 This poster is my favorite here: “A Good Pig Is Hard To Find” — on the sex life of a gay man, by @freshenx — http://goo.gl/xmNxj #qs2011
  • @PaulTarini Privacy Session-legal controls haven’t caught up with speed with which we can publish, spread information. #qs2011
  • @JulieSammons Was only one in Personal Genomics session who wouldn’t voluntarily obtain my full genomic sequence, even at no cost. Old fashioned?#QS2011
  • @Bytemarks Mindful quotes for mindful tech #qs2011http://twitpic.com/53tqkc
  • @scanadude Lot of talk about tradeoffs of full automation vs. manual#emergingtheme#qs2011
  • @IStanb4u Learning waaaaay more at #qs2011 than I did at #tcdisrupt
  • @EthanZ Notes on Ignite Talks at Quantified Self: http://bit.ly/mEKvRb#qs2011#quantifiedself
  • @bulletproofexec It has since 1940…see IBM & Nazi Germany. RT @PaulTarini: The fear is that data in public can produce discrimination #qs2011
  • @McGrubbin .@foursquare “we’re trying to use games & game theory to see if we can apply that to the real world & motivate people to do better” #QS2011
  • @frankc Mindful Tech session Done! @ http://slidesha.re/mt-qs #qs2011#quantifiedself
  • @pioneerrwjf Esther Dyson asks how do we translate the qs movement to population-level health?#qs2011
  • @TechPolicy Location session at #qs2011 has sparked conversation about whether or not you’d share your location data with your partner/spouse.
  • @francis_dierick “There are 3 markets: the market for healthcare, the market for bad health (chocolate) & the market for health (welness)”~ E. Dyson #QS2011
  • @dandv @scanadude Thanks, here are the wiki pages I put up about it:http://tinyurl.com/p90xfaq , http://tinyurl.com/occamsproto#qs2011#4HB
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted – Einstein
  • @scanadude Fascinating talk about sensors in plumbing. #qs2011#thequantifiedhome
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 people want to have control over design of their avatar – they inherently want to share them with others, and compare with others
  • @paulabramsonMD Mark Carranza on social memex.. Wow, tracked avg 232 thoughts a day for 20 years! #qs2011
  • @tblomseth#QS2011 The word “health” creates a stress response with people. Unlike e.g. “performance” or “games”.
  • @pingDeb Individualistic #qs2011 offers a refreshing contrast to the meta @HealthDataGov world I spend most of my day thinking about.
  • @zakholdsworth I just fell asleep during the ‘Sleep Experiments’ breakout at the#qs2011 conference.
  • @walter_smith You’re hacking your own implanted defibrillator to open the data stream? Respect. openyou.org #qs2011
  • @JulieSammons @matthewcornell wins my vote for favorite poster title: “How do we make 10^8 Personal Scientists?” http://thinktrylearn.com#QS2011
  • @francis_dierick “We all have a serious health problem, I call it death” ~ Bruno Aziza #QS2011 @brunoaziza
  • @pingDeb “I don’t know whats more painful,the fact that my Dr.doesn’t get me (& my personal data tracking) or the surgery he gives me”-Aziza #qs2011
  • @JulieSammons Curious about latest tools, apps, hacks in personal data collection? Browse Quantified Self guide w/ 400+ links http://bit.ly/linxPT#QS2011
  • @quantifiedself Personal Quest to QS startup with @bsrubin of @Zeo, @jjacobs22 of @GAINfittness & Brian Krejcarek of @greengoose mod by @agaricus #QS2011
  • @SlimStranger#qs2011 people using tracker apps typically give up after 3 months
  • @hormetic Self-selector bias? RT @scanadude: 70% of users use zeo at least once a week, even 6 months after puchase. #qs2011
  • @paulabramsonMD Some of us are really interested and supportive.. RT @phenatypical: how do drs feel about QS patient initiative? #qs2011
  • @maisybones #qs2011 500k nights of sleep stage in zeo’s dozer database
  • @dandv Summary/notes of Quantified Self Conference 2011, Day 1 –http://wiki.dandascalescu.com/summaries/Quantified_Self_Conference_2011#qs2011


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