#QS2011 insights from Day 2

May 30, 2011
  • @ethomaz Day two of #QS2011 getting started. http://t.co/zM5mw9z
  • @qDot It’s time for kurzweil supplement levels of coffee. #QS2011
  • @matttrent More @quantifiedself #qs2011 photos on flickr: http://flic.kr/g/gdwqs
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 For a great blog on the Quantified Self 2011 conference here at the Computer History Museum – Ethan Zuckerman at http://t.co/GSjC0iz
  • @beaugunderson There are 8 slide decks linked on the QS Wiki slides page:http://bit.ly/qs-slides We can do better! #qs2011
  • @quantifiedself Dare to ask! http://bit.ly/qsquestion#QS2011#quantifiedSelf
  • @Bytemarks Got a favorite QS gear. List or review it here: http://t.co/jVarsaZ#qs2011
  • @andrewhessel Eric Boyd — Hacker – made heart spark — pendant that flashes each time your heart beats #QS2011
  • @uxgreg Inventor of North Paw, a cyborg method of embedding a directional sense for where north is, is speaking at #QS2011! Very cool.
  • @PrjHealthDesign Eric Boyd asks “How many people are actually using existing sensors?” – more than half of the #qs2011 audience!
  • @quantifiedself The future of self tracking with Eric Boyd. Check out his great QS talks here: http://ow.ly/55t3L#QS2011
  • @sgdean Eric Boyd highlights @Ideabling Amy Drill’s smart shorts from NY QS#QS2011 feedback on muscle contractions for athletes.
  • @sgdean Yes! @agaricus says next QS Conference we will do experiments on entrainment #QS2011
  • @quantifiedself Check out the eXciting $10M Tricorder XPrize sponsored by @Xprize and @Qualcomm http://ow.ly/55ti1#QS2011
  • @annievaldes “DIY QS is redundant.” It shouldn’t have to be! Where is passive tracking and pattern spotting? QS could be more DVR, and less DOS. #qs2011
  • @HealthMatt#qs2011 Enjoying listening in on conversations this morning – so many interesting people and ideas. Randomly pick 10 people = great company.
  • @pattifbrennan SlideShare presentation #qs2011 Integrating QS data into clinical care : Quantified self no movie http://t.co/EZoOnyj
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 projecthealthdesign.org people pay attention to different things – tension at family dinner – lead to blood sugar spiking 12 hrs
  • @YBRtweets Check out this SlideShare presentation : Cognition, Learning, and Self-Tracking – Qua… http://t.co/t2Lw1mN#qs2011
  • @IStanb4u Heard at #qs2011 “no one has heard of us who isn’t one of us”
  • @florianbailey Networks at #qs2011http://t.co/vIylYiI
  • @uxgreg Loving how many Vibram Five Fingers I’m seeing at #qs2011!
  • @florianbailey 23andme session with Esther Dyson #qs2011http://t.co/CrS1tpp
  • @agaricus Tracking media diet by @EthanZ: Kevin Kelly ask, is there an optimal media diet? #qs2011
  • @LisaBL Hearing about Bulletproof Coffee from @bulletproofexec at #qs2011http://t.co/yksnWmH
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Open is a priority – so Sensor.Network allows people to upload to a sensor based network – and say what can be done with it after
  • @joshuakauffman “Everything in QS is a one-off; we need reusable parts.” says Dave Marvit. #qs2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 epiphanies from QS’ing – exposes truth to ourselves that we might not have realized till we QS’d
  • @JulieSammons The gadgetry at the Quantified Self Conference helped confirm that I am, in fact, alive. #QS2011#thanksquantifiedselfhttp://t.co/Cz7IdJD
  • @BodyMedia Data behind the scenes #qs2011 with YogaYoga – How we can become even better in Yoga tracking through research http://t.co/eHE62fD
  • @tectonic “Quant Friendly Doctors” results in Quantified Doctors mailing list and on-going discussion about empowering patients. Interesting! #qs2011
  • @IStanb4u Apparently the color of hungry is a rust-brown #qs2011
  • @phenatypical “mine tracks my wife, in terms of her ovulation cycles. turns out i don’t have one – yes!!” -b. evans on tracking pers. data w/PACO #qs2011
  • @billschuller If active tracking changes behavior, how do you baseline? #qs2011
  • @SlimStranger Everyone is talking about need to aggregate data. They should get together! #qs2011
  • @PaulTarini Ian Eslick-how do we minimize the time to discovery? Library of experiments and experimental models. #qs2011
  • @phenatypical “I work in Silicon Valley; I had never worked with a group of women for 28 weeks. Very new & difficult!” -@meilinfung weight trackng #qs2011
  • @tectonic .@ieslick can we combine many N of 1 data points with questionable quality into a global metric that is statistically significant? #qs2011
  • @LisaBL “Social component to losing weight is essential” Lightning talk at #qs2011Weight loss and maintenance research via self-tracking (Fung)
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 in 2011 100k patients are self-tracking – it works to have long term follow up – and see patterns to get more impact
  • @pattifbrennan#qs2011 Edison Thomaz extracting meaningful health #odls from @jonfroehlich ‘s #Hydrosense – water use tells all!
  • @mrhungry Reverse engineering devices like pace makers so that patients can access their own data. http://openyou.org#qs2011
  • @beaugunderson The Quantified Coder: Most exciting project for me personally at#qs2011http://t.co/jj1fCxD
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Quantter – looking for 100 iphone beta testers – denis@quantter.com
  • @phenatypical “When you want to have it private, you pay. Trust us, we are Swiss.” -@harscoat #qs2011
  • @sbb Track brainstate vs writing good code and bad (buggy) code. And then brainstate when ppl use that code base. http://t.co/H6kTmhc#qs2011
  • @mrhungry Don’t say lets exercise more, say let’s move more = Not discrete, continuous. Treadmill desk = #qs2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 went to craigs list, bought a $100 treadmill and a $149 desk from IKEA and made my treadmill desk – in 2.5 years, walked 600 miles
  • @TechPolicy Here’s a PDF with info on @e_ramirez’s Active Desk if you want to build one too (or just learn about benefits) http://bit.ly/jMREA3 #qs2011
  • @mrhungry QS didnt choose speakers until they had a list of attendees to pick from.
  • @redindhi This is not a toilet, it’s a scale. #qs2011 @ Computer History Museumhttp://instagr.am/p/E53_J/
  • @quantifiedself Adreno stress index test – get a baseline now. Recommended lab by Christine Peterson: http://ow.ly/55xYo#QS2011
  • @ddaannddrree#qs2011#quantifiedself personal speech analytics talk is at bit.ly/iEEEz7
  • @SlimStranger www.memex.mx dude wrote down every thought since 1983 then wrote search engine for his thoughts. #qs2011
  • @fredtrotter#qs2011 I am releasing my experiments and my gamification tools at under #openglaze project http://www.openglaze.com
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 backstrokes – takes your data and shows all the cities you have visited – a real life doppler
  • @bigs Foursquare friends model = bankrupt. Just grab my graph from elsewhere (twiter, fb, etc). I’m done accepting Foursquare friends. #qs2011
  • @edyson At #qs2011 What is the best visualization of your genome? Yourself
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 diff betw deep breathing vs heart math device? device tells when you are doing it, it turns green. no feedback with deep breathing
  • @maybanks ernesto: we need to make angry birds for behavior change. no matter how badly you do, you want to do it again. #qs2011#qs2011
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 almost like Chronic Fatigue – decided to quit coffee to help recover – made measured cup of coffee and reduce amount by 20 ml. Slow
  • @meilinfung#qs2011 Robin looked at his data, and saw that quitting coffee had not interfered with his recovery in his ability to concentrate
  • @florianbailey Tools for extreme quantifying #qs2011http://t.co/9ggzEPW
  • @freshenx What was missing were people of color and environmental justice. Many ppl track their health b/c of enviro toxicity. #qs2011
  • @fahdoo Kevin Kelly giving the closing keynote at #QS2011 @ Computer History Museum http://instagr.am/p/E6XHm/
  • @sarahnovotny metadata – information about information is growing even faster than moore’s law – Kevin Kelly #QS2011
  • @andrewhessel Life streaming is what we’re doing now… #QS2011
  • @redindhi Embedded data in everything is creating the Internet of things — the database of things. KK #qs2011
  • @LisaBL “In order to be treated like an individual we must reveal ourselves” -Kevin Kelly @kevin2kelly #QS2011
  • @pmurgia#qs2011, Kevin Kelly, we are now extending ourselves making us more quantifiable, Quantifiable Self
  • @bigs Science is about how we know. Technology modifies how we know. -Kevin Kelly #qs2011
  • @sgdean Triple blind studies. You don’t even know you’re doing the experiment. Sounds like QS #QS2011
  • @pmurgia#qs2011, Kevin Kelly, personalized medicine clinical trial of 1. Participatory medicine, collaborative research…
  • @bigs As #qs2011 conf wraps, everyone mulling around, reminiscing, exhanging contact info. Feels like the end of summer camp.
  • @ericblue Need at least a week of reflection to soak up and process all the great info this weekend! #QS2011

Until #QS2012…

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