Quantified Self Europe Conference Spotlight: Sara Riggare

February 5, 2014

In three months we’ll be gathering again in Amsterdam for our third Quantified Self Europe Conference. Since 2011 we’ve seen this event grow into an amazing experience. We spend a lot of time working with attendees to find those special projects and experiments that show the diversity of the self-tracking experience. We’ve been honored to have worked with over 100 different attendees to bring outstanding presentations, breakout discussions, and interactive experiences.

I wanted to share one of those attendees with you today. Sara Riggare is an engineer, graduate student, and mother. She also has Parkinson’s Disease. We first met Sara at our first European Conference in 2011 where she gave an inspiring talk about how she uses self-tracking to monitor her movement and symptom progression. We were happy to welcome her again in 2013 where she shared her insights and experience with tracking how her medication impacted her movement throughout the day and how that enabled her to have more meaningful conversations with her healthcare team.

We could stop here and tell you how excited we are to have Sara attending the upcoming Quantified Self Europe Conference, but I want to share one more story with you. We are constantly telling people how our conferences are an opportunity to share and learn from each other. We love hearing stories about someone being inspired by what they saw. After Sara spoke about her experience in 2011 she met Caspar Addyman, a psychologist and researcher, and they started exploring their shared interests and expertise. Sharing quickly turned into collaboration and a successfully funded research project in the UK, which they shared in a short talk at the 2013 conference.

Lucky for us, Sara hasn’t stopped exploring her personal quantified self experience. Just this past September Sara was in the Bay Area and shared her current tracking progress and the tools she’s using:

We’re happy to have Sara as part of our community in Europe and we’re looking forward to what we’ll learn from her in May. We hope you’ll join us in Amsterdam to meet Sara and the other self-trackers, toolmakers, and researchers that make up our wonderful community. Registration is open now.

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