How to Start Your Own Quantified Self Show&Tell

October 7, 2011

Since we started the Quantified Self in 2007, we’ve enjoyed watching the idea grow and spread. Recently, I decided to revise our FAQ about how to start a Quantified Self Show&Tell to take advantage of what we and others have learned from doing this many times over. I asked Show&Tell organizers around the world to chime in, and tried to distill all the best practices that we’ve discovered so far. Here it is:

How to Start Your Own Quantified Self Show&Tell Meeting

There are a few highlights I’d like to share here.

You do not need permission.

We urge you to use the common QS tools to share knowledge:

Quantified Self on Meetup

#QuantifiedSelf hashtag on Twitter

Quantified Self Forums for deeper discussion

Quantified Self blog to share videos and summaries

— Remember to ask Three Prime Questions

Have fun.

PS: If you look at the map above, you will see that we are primarily a North American and European “movement.” We would like to learn from users and makers of self-tracking tools in Asia and Africa. Please help us make these connections.



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