Steve Dean: Washing My Eyelids

June 16, 2014

Steve Dean is the co-organizer of our New York City QS meetup group. He’s also an avid self-tracker, using different methods and tools to understand his life. About three years ago Steve started to experience inflammation along his eyelids. After seeing a dermatologist and being diagnosed with atopic dermatitis he was prescribed a treatment regiment. He wanted to understand if the treatments were working so he created a Google Form to track his symptoms and the treatments he was doing every day. Unfortunately the treatments didn’t work and he went back to the dermatologist. This cycle of tracking, treatment, and frustration at the lack of improvement unfortunately continued. Watch Steve’s talk, presented at the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference, to learn how tracking finally helped him understand how to get everything under control.

You can also view the slides here.

What did you do?
Organizing my symptoms and treatments for atopic dermatitis to learn what worked and didn’t work.

How did you do it?
Using my phone’s camera to visually track symptoms and Google Forms to track type of symptoms, various treatments, and how I was feeling.

What did you learn?
It helped me have quality conversations with my dermatologists based on what was working, what wasn’t working in an attempt to find a solution.

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