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QSEU14 Breakout: The Future of Behavior Change

July 15, 2014

Today’s post come to us from Lukasz Piwek. Lukasz is a behavioral science researcher at the Bristol Business School, University of West England. We were happy to welcome Lukasz, who led an well attended breakout session at the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference where conference attendees discussed current issues and new dimensions of behavior change….


Amelia Greenhall on Gold Star Experiments

December 31, 2012

Amelia Greenhall, of QS Seattle, describes five simple and powerful self-tracking experiments she has been doing over the past few years that feel like getting gold stars. For example, she records everything she has learned, done, read, or accomplished each month. Check out Amelia’s insightful lessons in the video below. Amelia Greenhall: Gold Star from…


Nir Eyal on Knowing Your Behavior Type

August 9, 2012

Nir Eyal – Knowing Your Behaviour Type from Gary Wolf on Vimeo. Nir Eyal writes about “behavior engineering” encompassing user experience design, behavioral economics, and a dash of neuroscience.  In this Show & Tell talk at the May 3, 2012 Silicon Valley QS meetup, Nir offers suggestions for behavior change design based on understanding the distinction between…


Panel Discussion on Health Incentives

November 7, 2011

Boston QS organizer Michael Nagle gathers a panel of people in the social health space, and asks them: if not all behaviors can be incentivized, who are the users that succeed with your platform, and who are the users that fail? Dr. Joseph Kvedar of the Center for Connected Health, Rick Lee of Healthrageous, Jackie Thong…


Behavior Monitoring Pods

February 1, 2008

All of kinds of monitoring technology that may be undesirable when used by others can be useful when turned on ourselves for ourselves. Here is a prototype device currently being developed at Stanford that can be used to monitor behavior types. The researchers are using them for science projects, and as an aid for those…