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Stanford Students Design for Lifelogging

March 7, 2011

Next Monday, Stanford students will show off their designs around lifelogging and mobile sensing. Here is the announcement from Jeff Heer, Stanford professor and Quantified Self advisory board member: We’re having an action-packed year in the Stanford HCI program — in addition to celebrating the program’s 20th anniversary, we’re presenting a number of exciting new…


Next Weekend: BIL is on

February 27, 2011

Most of you have may have heard of TED or watched the talks online, but do you know about BIL, the quirky, populist, unconference option taking place nearby? Open to the public and fully participant powered, BIL features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, and hackers. Join the fun March 5-6th on the historic…


Quantified Self at HealthCamp

September 15, 2010

Quantified Self is excited to be part of HealthCamp again this year, with a self-tracking discussion session led by Gary Wolf. And yes, it’s the same day as our Quantified Self Show&Tell Meetup at Autodesk. October 6 will be a full day. This is a guest post from Maren Connary, organizer of HealthCamp and QS regular:…


Personalized Life Extension Conference – QS Discount

July 9, 2010

Here’s your chance to learn how to live longer, and save money too. Christine Peterson is hosting the first Personalized Life Extension Conference, October 9-10 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. She is offering a $100 discount on the $275 registration price to all Quantified Self members who register with the discount code “QS”.


Open Science Summit July 29-31

May 21, 2010

Joseph Jackson has an announcement to make. He attended the last Bay Area QS Show &Tell meetup and told the group about the Open Science Summit he’s organizing in Berkeley this summer. In his words: Open Science Summit 2010:  Updating the Social Contract for Science 2.0 July 29-31  International House Berkeley    opensciencesummit.com Synthetic Biology,…