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Carl Valle on Three Key Metrics for Immortality

November 19, 2012

Carl Valle, track and field coach to elite athletes, believes that the three categories of things to measure for optimal health are activity, biochemistry, and cardiology. In the video below, he walks through his favorite tips for each of these. (Filmed by the Boston QS Show&Tell meetup group.) Carl Valle – Immortality: 3 Key Metrics from James…


The Quantified Tennis Serve

July 7, 2009

Mans Shapshak has been watching a lot of tennis lately and it inspired him to get out on the court again after not playing much since college. He found his serve had deteriorated, especially his toss. So he searched the internet for tips and found advice like this: “A high, confident toss made 1 to…


Steroids and the Lost Data of Self-Experiment

February 26, 2009

Not long ago I asked somebody I know with deep knowledge of athletes, athletic training, and performance enhancing drugs to talk to me about what I suspected was a “dark net” of self-monitoring and self-experimentation. Athletes track their performance in many ways. They measure speed, strength, weight, recovery time, and dozens of other variables. Those…