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Vanessa Sabino on Tracking a Year of Sleep

August 8, 2014

Vanessa Sabino was curious about how well she was sleeping. By using the Sleep as Android app, she was able to track a year of sleep data. Before she was able to dig into the data she ran into a problem with the data export format and had to write her own custom data parser…


Toronto Meetup Recap

November 18, 2013

A few weeks ago the Toronto QS Meetup group hosted their 22nd show&tell meetup. Check out these great sketchnotes from Sacha Chua then hit the links below to watch videos of the meetup talks.   Mike talks about Push Strength, a strength and fitness tracking device. Duane Hewitt gives an update on his 23&Me data…


QS Worldwide

December 7, 2012

A big part of what we do here at Quantified Self is support and promote our amazing meetup groups around the world. We have a wonderful network of meetups  in over 70 cities in more than 15 countries around the world. We wouldn’t be able to post all the great videos and articles here on…


Gareth MacLeod on Holistic Tracking and Correlations

April 27, 2012

Gareth MacLeod is a developer/entrepreneur interested in making QS techniques easy to incorporate into daily life. He built an app that sends him text messages to ask about his sleep, mood, romantic encounters, tooth brushing, etc. He then looks for correlations among the different data streams, and even spent 100 hours building a correlation heat…


Nicholas Manolakos on Twenty Years of Self-Experiments

April 8, 2012

Nicholas Manolakos is a programmer and avid reader who has been self-tracking for twenty years. He’s recently been improving his left-right body balance, and can write proficiently with both hands now. In the video below, he talks about many of his experiments, including optimizing cognitive performance, managing anxiety, introducing complexity, dietary experiments and fasting –…


David Phillips on Surveillance and QS

March 5, 2012

David Philips is a professor at the University of Toronto who studies surveillance. He’s interested in democratizing infrastructures of surveillance and using surveillance data for things other than population control, such as creating senses of self and community. In the video below, he gives an interesting talk about what he has learned about the why…


Sacha Chua on Tracking Time

February 13, 2012

Sacha Chua started tracking time to find out where she was spending time and how she might change her patterns. In the video below, she explains what she learned, including how quickly her interests change, how she chooses to break down her time, and how the tracking helps her focus. Be sure to check out…


Meet the Heart Rate Pendant

December 21, 2010

Eric Boyd, a long-time QS member and now part of the Toronto QS Show&Tell meetup group, has a new project. It’s called HeartSpark, and it’s a heart-shaped pendant which flashes little LED lights in time with your heart beat. HeartSpark and Eric (video below) were featured on Engadget today – congrats! Thanks to @faisal_q for…