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July 14, 2013

Welcome to our 24th edition of What We Are Reading. Enjoy these links, articles, and ideas from around the web.

Getting started with data visualization after getting started with data visualization by Nathan Yau: The man behind the wonderful Flowing Data blog put together a simple primer for those of you interested in data visualization. Make sure to check out all the great examples.

Journal of Personal Science: Effect of Meditation on Math Speed by Peter Lewis: Originally presented at our 2013 Quantified Self European Conference, this post details Peter’s self-experiment on improving his cognitive abilities through a meditation practice.
Peter also has an excellent post on his personal website entitled, What’s Driving the Quantified Self Movement? Well worth a read.

Quantbaby: The Birth of a Datababe by Whitney Erin Boesel: Sociologist and friend of Quantified Self tackles a tough question, “Are children an extension of self when we start tracking them?” There was lot of news recently around baby tracking these days This post takes a thoughtful look at the role of identity and tracking in child rearing.

The Quantified Lives of Others by Jamie McHale: When we track ourselves are we tracking other’s by proxy?

Russell Poldrack Studying His Own Brain by Daniel Oppenheimer: A neuroscientist and imaging expert, Russell Poldrack is in the midst of a super interesting self-tracking journey. Over the course of a year he’s tracking multiple facets of himself, including his brain.

“There’s a way in which it’s a very old-fashioned project,” says Poldrack. “There’s a long history of scientists doing experiments, sometimes crazy experiments, on themselves. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but in this case I couldn’t expect a volunteer to give up this much of their time. However, I’m obsessive enough that I thought I could actually pull it off, and I have the resources to do it.”

What You’re Reading

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