Zume Life – Beta Invitation

January 30, 2009

I have been experimenting with a self-tracking system called Zume Life, from the company founded by regular QS attendee Rajiv Mehta. I wrote about Raj’s QS Show&Tell presentation here. We don’t have the video up but the youtube video embedded below is the impressive presentation Raj made at Health2.0.

Zume life is now doing a public beta. It is well worth checking out.

From the public beta announcement:

The Zume Life personal health management system is now open for public beta, on the Web and via an optional iPhone application. Please sign up if you’d like to try it out, and please forward this to others who you think might be interested.

Here’s a brief description:
Zume Life allows you to record, monitor and understand all aspects of your health activities. No matter what illness(es) you are managing, for yourself or a family member, or what lifestyle changes you are attempting, Zume Life can help you.

Use the Zume Life solution to track:

• Medications–any and all, from Rx to supplements to chamomile tea

• Food–keep a food journal, and track calories, carbs, and/or points

• Exercise–keep an exercise journal, and track exercise type and duration (e.g. run 20 min)

• Symptoms–anything from anxiety and mood, to sleep disturbance and wheezing
• Biometrics–all common measures such as weight, glucose, etc.

• Life journal–to jot down anything else (“saw my dietician today”, “just had a great day”, etc.)

Monitor your progress through charts and journals. Use the system directly on the Web, or with an optional “Zuri” iPhone application. Sign up at www.zumelife.com.

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