Bay Area QS Show&Tell #13 – Recap

QS13.pngLast Wednesday 100-ish QS folks gathered at Langton
in San Francisco for an energized meetup. Langton Labs is “an institute for future
living,” where people live and work on cool projects. The meetup was sponsored by QuantHealth – thanks to Alex Jacobson and his team for being the first QS sponsor!
The evening started with a science-fair-like showcase of motion-trackers, with much mingling, models of bleeding-edge projects, and munching on homemade hummus.

Videos and slides are coming soon, but here’s a quick recap of the 5 talks:
Dan Brown talked about the microphone he embedded into an air mattress
under his bed to track motion, snoring, and heartrate during sleep. For data analysis, he used these tools: Audacity, Praat, SciPy, variance,
Fourier transform, and autocorrelation. He had to stop the tracking experiment because it was the data was too noisy when two people were in the bed.

Matt Bell talked about using Zeo and his own self-reporting to track his sleep. He discovered that he falls
asleep faster with exercise, early bedtime, sex, and calm evenings. He suggested the idea of a Zeo-like hat to track brainwaves so he could look for patterns in alertness and concentration during daily activities.

Dale Larson talked about LeanScale, an iPhone app he developed
to monitor his muscle and fat content and how it trends.  

Eric Boyd showed off his wearable compass, which straps on your ankle and buzzes when you’re facing north. Imagine developing a new sense for direction. We had cyborgs in the house!
Bo Adler talked about tracking nature photos and communal GPS data from

Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for videos, and see you in June at the Tech Museum (details to come).

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One Response to Bay Area QS Show&Tell #13 – Recap

  1. Ginko Lee says:

    Thanks Kevin for posting the MeetUp.
    For pure selfish reason, (I am in Pasadena not Bay Area) I would volunteer to help web cast the next QS MeetUp using Caltech’s EVO online collaboration/vidoe conferencing system.
    (I need to talk to some friend there once we agree to a go)
    This system is the coolest out there. Support most high end/ low end video conferencing and have a dozen of supporting tools for collaborations.
    Thank you for your attention and let’s get do it.
    * I am just a gal who have been using paper to do self tracking.

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