Where Do You Go? Steven Lehrburger Visualizes FourSquare

Would you like to see a heatmap of all your FourSquare check-ins?

Steven Lehrburger shows a mashup he built called Where Do You Go? at a recent New York City Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup. He combined Google Maps, the FourSquare API, and the GHeat heat mapping library to create surprising visualizations. With amusing audience brainstorming and even a “dance break” moment, this is a fun one.

Steven Lehrburger 5-10 from Steve Dean on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Where Do You Go? Steven Lehrburger Visualizes FourSquare

  1. @harscoat says:

    Dennis Crowley, Founder Foursquare actually said in March 2010: “I also just really love the whole idea of the quantified self, of tracking everything that you do every day and turning it into numbers. You can make it so that everything you do in life creates points.”
    Now that they have 20M funding & bigger office space 4square’s got to recruit Steven Lehrburger ;)

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Wow, great connection, @harscoat!
    I’ve been hearing more and more people come to me either looking for work or looking for someone to hire – maybe it’s time to set up a Quantified Self job board to start connecting all these folks?

  3. frdie says:

    I love the idea behind quantified self but until someone makes it easy to keep track of your progress it will never catch on.

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