Matt Haughey on Sharing Gas Mileage Data

From the Bay Area QS Show&Tell group: Matt Haughey from Fuelly talks about tracking, sharing, and comparing gas mileage data. He tells the story of his efforts to move from 18 to 20 mpg – it required a great amount of concentration, and only ended up saving him $6. Watch the video below to hear what Matt has learned from running Fuelly. He has good advice for entrepreneurs and gas guzzlers alike.

Matt Haughey – Fuelly from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Matt Haughey on Sharing Gas Mileage Data

  1. François-Albert Gandon says:

    Hi, very interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
    As I dig deeper in self-tracking, I find it an even more interesting subject.
    As a user, I see one big barrier to its democratization. Personal data are stored in silos.
    My Health data are stored on CureTogether (just an example ;-) ), Energy data are stored elsewhere, Mileage data on Fueller, and so on.
    So if I want to get the most of these data sources I have to go through a painful process: data export, data import to a new application, no realtime updates …
    To sum this process up, I personally would try to put all these data on an Excel spreadsheet. Excel is a very powerful tool but not designed for the mass market ;-)
    Do you know any service (web application) that would allow me to process data from different sources (a least a visualization tool)? That would be really timesaving( a daytum-like?).
    RSS readers do it for RSS feeds. There must be an as easy way to do it for these personal data, isn’t it ?
    Do you agree with my analysis ?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. François-Albert Gandon says:

    I meant not Fueller.
    Sorry for the mistype.

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