Roundup: Food Tracking Tools

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Given that the United States eats more average daily calories per person than any other country, it’s probably a good idea for us to track what we eat a little more closely. QS Amsterdam folks can sit this one out if you like! This week’s roundup is for food tracking tools.
It’s part of our regular weekly tool roundup for the complete catalog we’re putting together of all the self-tracking tools out there. Please help us to make sure we include your favorite tool, your company, or your project. Self-promotion is allowed!

Here are all the food tracking tools we’ve found so far. Please let me know what we’re missing in the comments below. 

Note: We’re looking for tools that were not already covered in the Fitness roundup (DailyBurn, WeightWatchers, etc already made that list.)
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6 Responses to Roundup: Food Tracking Tools

  1. Terry Horner says:

    Daily Burn is a great one.

  2. Terry Horner says:

    Disregard the Daily Burn comment. Didn’t see the Fitness Roundup reference at the bottom.
    Can you that note above the list rather than below it? My eyes jumped over the note.

  3. ally says:

    Thin-cam is a great app that lets you keep a photographic food diary with the camera on your phone. It’s the mobile counterpart to Thin-site, which is a very helpful site for anyone ho wants personalized diet advice from real medical professionals.

  4. Wyman Brantley says:

    Can anyone recommend a system that includes tracking of detailed nutrients (i.e., not just fats, carbs, but down to the level of specific vitamins)?

  5. Ramesh says: will track all amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fats and carb. It pulls it’s data from the USDA database which is freely available. What the site adds is a nice interface, visual representation and also computes the glycemic index and something called the Inflammation Factor.
    What is missing is a quantitative tracking of antioxidants that you could mash into The ORAC database is freely downloadable but is not meal and menu friendly

  6. jemand says:

    is there a site that *strictly* tracks without giving me a calorie budget and widgets to “LOSE WEIGHT NOW” and stuff? I’m not interested in gimmicky weight loss, I am *strictly* interested in numbers only. I want to get a catalogue of my eating behavior without all the weight loss tips.
    I do this for my money– I don’t have a prescriptive budget, but I can calculate what I spent on whatever category for months. I want to do this with my calories as well– no prescription, simply tracking. Is there a tool to help with this?

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