Jon Cousins on Moodscope

From the London QS Show&Tell group: Jon Cousins talks about the development of Moodscope, a social site where users can track their mood and share their stats with friends. He battled depression secretly for 30 years, and was inspired to invent his own mood-tracking system after a potential bipolar disorder diagnosis. Watch the video below to see the incredible, applause-generating difference in Jon’s mood when he started sharing his data with his friends.

Jon Cousins – Moodscope from Kiel Gilleade on Vimeo.

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9 Responses to Jon Cousins on Moodscope

  1. Jscott says:

    Beautiful story. I wonder how this will change and enhance specific bits of suffering within humanity. This seems to get at the core helping catalyst without the dogma associated within self-help groups. Great find.

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jon. As someone who has struggled with depression for over a decade (and hidden it fairly well until recently), I very much relate to your experience. I just signed up for Moodscope – looking forward to what I will learn from using it!

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  4. Jon Cousins says:

    Jscott and Alexandra, thank you for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to share the story and I now know that it wasn’t just me. Mood tracking and sharing really seems to work. There’s lots we want to do with Moodscope, but already we’re building up a lot of knowledge about what seems to work (and what doesn’t) in this area. Alexandra, looks like we both hid our low mood from others. I guess it’s a necessity sometimes, but I’m now seeing how much more healthy it can be to let others in. Good luck with your Moodscope experiment!

  5. paul wilkinson says:

    hi i joined moodscope on24th march and after 20yrs or more of psycological mishaps in diagnosis i found this site. my only problem is my sister refused to be my online buddie,when i informed her that i had to fish her response out of my junk section where microsoft had put it
    how do i get her back on board ive been locked behind my curtains for 5months and i want her onboard…. i love the site just what i need to open them curtains ta paul

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  8. Thanks for sharing Jon – Amazing story! Seeing the difference in mental state on the graph once you shared the data with friends is incredible! Loved the reaction by the audience :)

    Have signed up solely based on this video and taken the test / connected with friends.

    Looking forward to downloading a graph as epic as yours, one day in the future!

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