Roundup: Health and Medicine Tools

In advance of our next Bay Area Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup, which will have a Health and Medicine theme, this roundup post is on health- and medicine-related self-tracking tools. Blood pressure, genetics, medical test results, blood sugar readings, hormone levels, dietary experiments – if you have a self-tracking project, gadget, or app, we want to know about it! (And good news for all non-San Franciscans – we’ll be trying our first ever livestream of the event on January 11! Stay tuned for more info.)

This post is part of our regular tool roundup for the complete catalog we’re putting together of all the self-tracking tools out there. Please help us to make sure we include your favorite tool, your company, or your project. Self-promotion is allowed!

Here are all the health- and medicine-related tracking tools we’ve found so far. Please let me know what we’re missing in the comments below.

AirStrip OB
Coriell  Personalized Medicine  Collaborative
deCODE  Genetics
Experimental Man Project
Google Health
Health Engage
hLog  – iPhone based Health Tracker
Islet Diabetes iPhone app
Microsoft HealthVault
My Daughter’s DNA
National Experience Sampling Project
OptiMale Testosterone Health Check kit
Personal Genome Project
Society  for Participatory Medicine

[Photo credit: juhansonin]

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15 Responses to Roundup: Health and Medicine Tools

  1. Ben Rubin says:

    Add Zeo – – sleep tracking product. I’ve spoke at both Bay Area and Boston QS Meetups – keep up the good work!

    • Alexandra Carmichael says:

      Of course! Thanks Ben – I was going to a separate sleep-tracking roundup, but you’re right, they are related. All of the roundup categories do overlap somewhat, so it will probably evolve into tagging each resource with multiple category tags when we start building the big catalog.
      Alex :)

  2. Christine says:


    • Alexandra Carmichael says:

      Yes, thanks Christine! We did list Fitbit on our fitness tracking roundup – it’s great to see that we’ve covered so many of these bases already. Ready to move to the next step soon where we can all tag, rate, and review the tools – coming in the new year!

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  4. How about adding RunKeeper and also WakeMate (which I am still waiting to actually get). Also, the folks at are doing very interesting stuff.

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  6. David says:

    Vitality is working on improving medication adherence with the GlowCap product and now a couple more new products that connect to its cellular nightlight/hub.

  7. Great list, Alexandra! The quantified self aspect is downplayed a little in Health Month, but at its core is the principle that if you track what you do, that you’ll become more aware of your habits and behaviors and be able to change them.

  8. Greg Tracy says:

    Asthmapolis provides a suite of mobile tools to help people with asthma better understand when and where they are using their inhalers.

    I wish we could have made the meetup!

  9. From what app is that iPad screenshot?

  10. Juhan Sonin says:


    It’s hGraph.
    Currently hGraph is used as a research tool for collecting, viewing, and managing patient data in conjunction with self-service health station prototypes. The code will be open sourced and with any luck, the app will go public.

    A few more screenshots:

  11. Shawn Petriw says: –

  12. Sunnie says:

    Sanofi-Aventis is getting ready to launch 2 new incredible blood glucose meters and a full customer service support system to accompany them. They are called BGstar (blood glucose star) and iBGstar – yes, soon you will be able to take your blood sugar with your iphone. Pretty revolutionary in this space. I am not sure how much as a pharma company they can participate in these types of events, but they should at least be mentioned. web site is:

  13. DietPicture – Nutrition / A purely visual diet tracking journal –

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