QS Conference: Exciting News!

In the past 27 days since we announced the first Quantified Self conference, we’ve seen some exciting things happen:

- 214 people registered to come (54% sold out!)
- 14 sponsors signed up, surpassing our fundraising target
- 29 sessions have been defined by attendees on the conference wiki, from Cracking Behavior Change to Mood Tracking to the History of Self-Reflective Technologies to QS Business Models
- 4 scholarships were funded for budget-challenged folks (3 more are on a waiting list, if anyone would like to fund a $299 scholarship)
- we filled all our volunteer slots with enthusiastic, proactive QS’ers

The energy of everyone coming is so positive and uplifting – it’s making our organizing job very easy and fun, and we’re looking forward to a diverse, bleeding edge, mind-expanding event.

If you’d like to join us and haven’t registered yet, there are still 16 tickets left at the $299 price before it jumps to $399. It looks like we’ll sell out completely, so make sure to grab your spot.

Hope to see you there in 108 days!

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