Quantified Self + HealthCamp = Innovative Conversations!

Come join the Quantified Self San Diego crew at HealthCamp San Diego as we host this month’s Show & Tell unconference style!

HealthCamp San Diego

If you live in San Diego or if you are here for Health 2.0 Spring Fling then this is the place for you!

This event is a great opportunity to show your best QS tool to a broader audience, share ideas and engage in discussions about the future of health care, wellness, prevention and personal health optimization.

HealthCamp San Diego will be held on Sunday March 20th at The Rady School of Management at UCSD.

Registration starts at 9:00AM and the event runs until 5:00PM with a reception immediately following. follow.

Register here!

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One Response to Quantified Self + HealthCamp = Innovative Conversations!

  1. The Quantified Self track was awesome at HealthCamp SD!

    Great to see that these platforms are being open sources, access to the data is vital in order for others to create the tools and interfaces.


    Here’s a transcript of the #hcsd11 sessions.
    And #QuantifiedSelf transcripts.

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