Laurie Frick on Sleep Patterns

In this video, Laurie Frick presents her amazing work on daily activity charts and sleep charts translated to art. Laurie will be presenting her visualizations at the QS conference this weekend. (Filmed at the NY Quantified Self Show&Tell #11 at Parsons The New School for Design.)

Laurie Frick – Sleep Patterns from Steven Dean on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Laurie Frick on Sleep Patterns

  1. Laurie Frick says:

    Excited about the workshop we’re planning for this weekend, on how to take ugly, raw data and turn it into something amazing. Bring data, bring your laptop, and be ready to dig-in. Quantified Self conference in the Bay Area – we are on both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30. I just checked the schedule, wow…lots going on. Whole conference looks fun.

  2. axcho says:

    Fascinating stuff.

    One correction, though – someone asked the name of the condition where you go to sleep and wake up later and later every day. Another person in the audience called this “polyphasic sleeping” but that’s incorrect (polyphasic refers to sleeping for small amounts throughout the day). According to Wikipedia, it’s actually called non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome:

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