Glenn Wolters and Jeroen Bos on Lifelapse

What if you had a movie of your life that was made from a stream of pictures taken one every thirty seconds? Glenn Wolters and Jeroen Bos have built an iPhone app called Lifelapse to do this. They developed it as a school project. I noticed Joost Plattel using it at the recent QS conference – he showed me his entire bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge as a powerful visual story in less than a minute. (Filmed at the Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup in Amsterdam at Mediamatic)

Glenn Wolters & Jeroen Bos – Lifelapse from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Glenn Wolters and Jeroen Bos on Lifelapse

  1. Joost Plattel says:

    I’ve also made the Lifelapses of the QS Conference available: & :)

  2. tamberg says:

    Another interesting device to do “lifelapse” recordings is the SenseCam [1] which is sold commercially as Vicon Revue [2]. While the cam is quite expensive, its weight, fish eye lens and sensor-based trigger algorithm are tuned to suit the task of taking pictures all day long. Cheers, tamberg


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