Announcing: the Quantified Self Forum

By popular request, we have just launched a global QS forum at:

Gary, Dan Dascalescu, and I took some exciting topics from the conference and turned them into forum discussions, with expert moderators to help explore ideas and answer questions. You’ll find discussions on:

- Apps & Tools, moderated by Dan Dascalescu

Data Ownership & Privacy, moderated by Ryan Calo

Design, moderated by Steve Dean

Habit Change, moderated by Ernesto Ramirez and Gary Isaac Wolf

Fitness, moderated by Alexandra Carmichael and Dan Dascalescu

Learning & Cognition, moderated by Nick Winter

Medical tests, moderated by Dave Asprey

Mood, moderated by Margie Morris

Nutrition, moderated by Alexandra Carmichael and Dan Dascalescu

Sleep, moderated by Alexandra Carmichael and Gary Isaac Wolf

Self Experimentation, moderated by Seth Roberts

QS Startups, moderated by Eri Gentry and Ernesto Ramirez

QS Research & Media, moderated by Rajiv Mehta

QS Open Forum for any Quantified Self topic not covered above, moderated by Alexandra Carmichael and Gary Isaac Wolf

Please join in the conversations, ask questions, share what you’ve learned, and come play with us!

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3 Responses to Announcing: the Quantified Self Forum

  1. Vovix says:

    I would suggest adding a branch for non-English speaking international users, to discuss local activities, meetups etc. It seems currently there is too little QS activity outside US, but things are going to change sooner than expected.

    BTW, is anybody here from Ukraine or ex-USSR at all?

  2. Cindy says:

    When will SSL be added to the registration process? I’m waiting for that before registering.

    Saw the initial request for SSL on July 20 in the forums.

    Thanks for putting together the forums. Great idea to get discussions going on important parts of the QS ecosystem.

  3. president obama himself says:

    You should put a link to the forum in your navigation bar.

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