Sandy Santra on Turning QS Data Into Knowledge

Sandy Santra gives a short, passionate talk below on turning Quantified Self data into knowledge. He tracks his migraines, time alone, happiness, meltdowns, panic attacks, and “zombification.” (I’d like to see a follow-up talk on that last one!) He gave the audience a framework for how to turn their own data into knowledge, for human improvement. UPDATE: Sandy has provided a PDF copy of his document, which you can download here. (Filmed at the¬†NY Quantified Self Show&Tell #11 at Parsons The New School for Design.)

Sandy Santra – QS Data > Knowledge from Steven Dean on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Sandy Santra on Turning QS Data Into Knowledge

  1. Sandy Santra says:

    Thanks, Alexandra.

    I have a copy of the document I handed out and would be happy to post it here so that people can download it. Just not sure how that works. Can you tell me how/where to upload and post?

    Yes, a talk on zombification! I’d love to give a presentation on that. I’ve learned even more about it (unfortunately) since I spoke at Parsons. Another possible talk would be on Brain Plasticity (the new bleeding edge of tech/biophysiology self-evolution).


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