Nancy Dougherty on Mindfulness Pills

Nancy Dougherty made her own set of “mindfulness pills” – placebos labeled Focus, Willpower/Energy, Calm, and Happy. The pills were embedded with sensors that transmitted signals to her phone, recording each time she took the different pills, as well as her heart rate, activity rate, and sleep. Nancy works at Proteus Biomedical, in case you’re wondering how she made this self-experiment happen. She learned that taking an “Energy” pill actually made her bike harder to work and have a higher heart rate, and taking a “Focus” pill actually made her do more work. Watch her fun talk on managing mood and playing with the placebo effect below. (Filmed at the Bay Area QS Show&Tell Meetup #19, at Singularity University.)

Nancy Dougherty – Mindfulness Pills from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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10 Responses to Nancy Dougherty on Mindfulness Pills

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  2. greenengineer says:

    Thank you for pulling the understanding of this effect further down the path! Now. You mentioned diabetes patients… but that’s could be risky…
    How would you like to consider creating and monitoring a set of placebos related to thyroid function – say hypothyroid to start, a condition now affecting some 15-25 million people and growing, most likely from environmental stressors?
    Can you monitor pituitary function?
    How long lasting are your little transmitters? and how powerful? with all the controversy over smart meters, cell phones and other emf producers, how risky might they be? what about trace metals in the digestive system?
    Very interesting, and I’m gonna try it. =)

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