What We Are Reading

We thought Sundays would be a good time to post links to thoughts or projects that we find interesting as we read, learn, and experiment our way through each week.

  • For any good experiment, it helps to be able to think well. The fine folks at the rationality blog Less Wrong have put together a few collections of posts, one on the nature of truth, evidence, and probability, one on How To Actually Change Your Mind. Must read for QS’ers!
  • Social inequality causes disease: Wikipedia Entry on The Whitehall Study.
  • What did Steve Jobs see coming in the next 10 years? This is from late 2009.
  • A new open source project called Hypothes.is plans to peer-review every sentence of information on the Internet.
  • Kyle Machulis’s Ignite talk on “the quantified coder.”
  • Have you tried using blue-blocker glasses to improve your sleep? There’s a group study going on at Genomera to explore this effect.
  • One possible way to encourage stable, peaceful societies and ecosystems is to apply cooperation more often. Steve Omohundro’s talk on Co-opetition in Economics, Biology and AI intelligently explores how cooperation and competition already co-exist in every system.
  • Do beliefs cause actions, or do actions cause beliefs? Rortybomb explores.
  • Steve Jobs: Sometimes a person or company’s apparent weaknesses are actually strengths. And, focusing means saying no. 1997 Video.
  • Clear, practical advice on simplifying life and reducing distractions to increase productivity: the free ebook Focus, by Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits and mnmlst.
  • A Skeptical Take on mHealth: discussion of a recent Technology Review article from Paul Sonnier’s Wireless Health List.
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