Erik Kennedy on Tracking Happiness

Erik Kennedy wanted to automate his happiness, so he started recording mood-changing events every day to find out what really made him happy or unhappy. After gathering 330 events, he categorized them and discovered that friendships and work were making him most frequently happy, while sickness and girl trouble were on the less happy side. Erik shares his thoughtful takeaways in the video below, including the lesson that the recipe for happiness does not have many ingredients. (Filmed by the Seattle QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

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2 Responses to Erik Kennedy on Tracking Happiness

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  2. Joe says:

    Intriguing talk. I especially like the bit on peaks at the end. I’d be interested to know the data-collection method that Erik used – notepad? iPhone? Also, I wonder if regular (for example hourly) monitoring works best, or if recording happiness only after noticeable events gives a more meaningful set of figures.

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