Do You Take Magnesium?

This is a guest post from Ken Snyder of Quantified Self London. Thanks Ken!

I have personally found Magnesium to be a great tool in getting better sleep, although I believe a more common use is to help get more sleep. In any event, I thought it would be interesting to hear from the community IF and HOW they use Magnesium. The survey will only take 5 minutes if you can spare the time (and less than a minute if you’ve not tried Magnesium):

The Magnesium Effect

Ken Snyder

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One Response to Do You Take Magnesium?

  1. I found out that taking magnesiumpills works the way you describe it. But it also disturbs my metabolism. It seems to neutralise parts of the acids in my stomach. Magnesium is also used as a acidreducer in popular medicine. So I started taking baths with magnesiumchloride. That way it is absorbed by the skin. With me it works very well. Others who have used it had some bloodpressure problems (pressure going down) so they had to lower the dosage. However, allover it has a very positive effect. I get my magnesium from one of the best magnesiummines in the world (purity !). Here in the north of the Netherlands. Can get you a sample,if you wish.

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