K. Thomas Pickard on Restless Legs and Niacin

Thomas Pickard has had Restless Legs Syndrome for the past thirty years, but was only diagnosed ten years ago. Since his diagnosis, he has experimented with drug dosage, had his genome partially sequenced, and started a RLS/Niacin study on Genomera. In the video below, Thomas talks about what he learned about his sleep, blood and genetics, and what his next directions are for reducing his symptoms. (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

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2 Responses to K. Thomas Pickard on Restless Legs and Niacin

  1. More about this experiment is available in my GeneNomad blog post.

  2. Raquel Rothe says:

    Loved the article. With healthcare as advanced as it is I am still amazed at the length it takes a sleep disorder patient to be diagnosed. Thank you for sharing!

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