Ian Li on Moodjam

In 2006, PhD student Ian Li created Moodjam to let people track their moods in color. At the QS Europe conference last November, he met artist Laurie Frick, who creates beautiful works of art from her data. She mentioned that she was using Moodjam, and this inspired Ian to make a new version of it! In the video below, he walks through the sparkling new version, including some not-yet-released features like aggregated happy vs. sad colors and sentiment analysis. (Filmed by the Pittsburgh QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

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One Response to Ian Li on Moodjam

  1. Laurie Frick says:

    moodjam.com is the beginning of something important. Using color and visual language to capture and playback how you’re doing. LOVE this site. And I tell the exact story, when I talk about moodjam…..I was sitting at breakfast in Amsterdam at QS conference exclaiming about moodjam.com, and wow so surprised when Ian says, “that’s MY site”.

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