Recap of Los Angeles QS Meetups

I had the great pleasure of attending a QS meetup in Los Angeles this past weekend, hosted by Eric Blue. There was a great group there, 30 or so folks. One great comment in the introductions was from someone near the end of the circle saying, “This is totally blowing my mind!”

Eric has put together a compilation of slides and links from all five LA meetups so far. Here it is:

Show & Tells

  1. Ernesto Ramirez gave a presentation (My Bits of Fit) on his Fitbit data and activity patterns, including some great visualizations (Thanks to @chloester)!
  2. Marina gave a presentation on InsideTracker (bloodwork analysis & recommendation) and her own project for tracking Happiness – the Ultimate Answer
  3. Brian Dorsey gave a presentation on his product Work Food Out
  4. Eric’s presentation on location tracking and personal travel journal
  5. Eric’s personal device collection, along with other QS devices in the market, and future devices
  6. Eric’s personal project ( for consolidating his Quantifed Self device data into a central dashboard

Other Links

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3 Responses to Recap of Los Angeles QS Meetups

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  2. Victor says:

    Is the unofficial API still working? I’ve noticed it was developed long time ago. This is essentials as I also want to built my own visualizations with data recorded with Fitbit.


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