28-Hour Days, Business Models, and Biometric Yoga

We’re excited to announce a new batch of talks and sessions at the upcoming QS conference. Thanks to everyone who is stepping up to speak! Check out these awesome topics:

Show&Tell Talks

My 28-Hour Day Experiments (Joe Betts-LaCroix)
Quantified Awesome: Tracking Time, Clothes, Stuff, and Other Little Things (Sacha Chua)
World class performance through sleep quantification (Sky Christopherson)
Fitting mental models to a self-tracking life (Joost Plattel)
Using Sensor Patterns to Predict Depression or Addiction Relapse (Jan Peter Larsen)

Breakout Conversations

What business models work for QS? (Erik Svenson)
Biometric Yoga (Stuart Landsee)
Health Graph Hacking 101 (Bill Day)
Sleep Tracking (John Fass)
Medical data: Public resource, personal asset… or is there a third way? (Esther Dyson, John Wilbanks)

All sessions are defined by attendees in advance of the conference, like a curated unconference. There will be breakout sessions, show&tell talks, and posters. We will keep posting them here as the date approaches.

The tickets are more than half sold out, so if you’d like to come, please make sure to register here. And if you have a personal self-tracking story to share or would like to lead a breakout discussion, please let us know!

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