Alex Grey on Tracking Muscle Data (EMG, ECG)

Alex Grey is developing a better kind of muscle sensor, to help people see their muscle activity patterns and change behaviors like typing or running to be more effective and less painful. The sensors are wireless, stick to your skin, and can measure different kinds of muscle activity including arm/leg (EMG) and heart muscles (ECG). In the video below, Alex describes how he used these sensors to find his optimal stride rate as a runner, as well as to detect when he was starting to fatigue or compensate on one side for an old injury. Fascinating talk with lots of great data! (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Alexander Grey – Tracking Muscle Data from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Alex Grey on Tracking Muscle Data (EMG, ECG)

  1. Robert says:

    As someone who’s deeply into a variety of bodywork practises (largely related to body awareness, muscular relaxation and tension & breath), this is extraordinarily exciting… The potentials for this are amazing!

    Using in daily life would be really really interesting too…
    Very curious to see what comes out of this

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  3. Ronald Rosenthal says:


    I am a clinical biofeedback provider in Miami, FL, I have a client that I think would benefit from a nocturnal EMG alarm system to control bruxism. I would appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide in finding or building such a device,

    Ron Rosenthal

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