From Orgasm to Emotion: New QS Conference Talks

We’re excited to announce the first batch of talks and sessions at the upcoming QS conference. Thanks to everyone who is stepping up to speak! Check out these awesome topics:

Show&Tell Talks

Data Doesn’t Lie: Orgasm vs. Performance (Dave Asprey)
Stress relief with a biofeedback game (Olivier Janin)
QS+1 Lessons learned from assisting in trading FOREX currencies (Ewart de Visser)
Tailored meals to keep me healthy (Jason Langheier) platform (Rafi Haladjian)
Sleep and consciousness (Marcin Kowrygo)

Breakout Conversations

10^100: Making sense of all that data (David Ewing Duncan)
Using Kickstarter for QS projects (Jun Axup)
Cognitive Measurement (Jakob Larsen)
Habit Design (Michael Kim)
pH tracking for learning about inflammation, sleep, and mental performance (Steve Fowkes)
Personal technologies for wellbeing: reducing stress, emotion regulation, and meaningful goal pursuit (Neema Moraveji and Steph Habif)

The conference sessions are defined by attendees in advance of the conference, like a curated unconference. There will be breakout sessions, show&tell talks, and posters. We will keep posting them here as the date approaches.

The tickets are half sold out, so if you’d like to come, please make sure to register here. And if you have a personal self-tracking story to share or would like to lead a breakout discussion, please let us know!

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One Response to From Orgasm to Emotion: New QS Conference Talks

  1. Gary Wolf says:

    I’m both thrilled and dismayed by the fact that the conference is already half sold out, as I’m one of the people at QS Labs who has to field requests to attend after there are no more spaces left. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this for months. We have been working hard in advance to solve this problem, and one of our ideas is to support independently organized QS events around the world. So if you can’t make the conference, for any reason, consider holding your own event or attending a local QS Week event. We will be curating a unified calendar, and doing our best to help people with their QS Week activities. More info is here:


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