Jeremy Howard on Language Acquisition Performance

Jeremy Howard has been studying Chinese for the last two years. The method he uses is called spaced repetitive learning, found in SuperMemo and Anki, in which you prompt yourself to remember something just before you’re about to forget it. Jeremy wrote his own software to track his learning, including variables such as time of day, what he ate, when he slept, what activity he was doing, etc, and correlated it with his learning. In the video below, he shows some of his data and talks about what surprised him along the way. (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Jeremy Howard – Language Acquisition Performance from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Jeremy Howard on Language Acquisition Performance

  1. Tim Salimans says:

    Great talk, Jeremy!

  2. Sam Watkins says:

    Thanks for the talk Jeremy, I wrote a longer comment with some interesting ideas in it but your Captcha system ate my comment. Using Captcha to filter spam out of blog comments is ridiculous. I’ll send you an email instead :)

  3. Ken Seeroi says:

    Very interesting talk. I’ve been studying Japanese with Anki for years, and I’ve also noted similar improvements in retention related to exercise.

  4. This is an interesting talk. I teach IELTS (an English Exam for 2nd Language English learners) and I’ve been recently trying to get my students to use Anki. I’ve also been thinking of how to use Anki and SRL for learning collocations – in particularly those needed for IELTS. I can see the power of SRS/L.

    I’m ethnically Chinese though my Mandarin is really bad. Most of my students are from China and I’m hoping to improve my Chinese so this talk was really interesting for me. I’m wondering if besides using Anki, Jeremy has a more structured system – to go along with using Anki. I believe he has created his own program or something like that. Where could I find out more about that? Thanks!

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