Welcome Robert Lynde!

Gary, Ernesto, Alex, and Robert at a recent QS meetup in San Francisco

Running Quantified Self Labs, the organization that supports and coordinates fun QS events and communities around the world, takes funding. We’re very grateful to have generous sponsors that believe in the movement we’re nurturing and want to help make it blossom. And now we’re excited to announce that Robert Lynde is joining Gary, Ernesto, and I, to keep the magic going.

Robert is a long-time runner with a passion for self-tracking, a wonderful heart, and an inspiration to disrupt health care. He’s also the Deputy Director of the MiraiBio Group of Hitachi Solutions America. As our new Sponsorship Facilitator, Robert will be helping to support and recruit sponsors so that we can expand our QS activities worldwide and do some special things around the upcoming conference in September.

Welcome, Robert!

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3 Responses to Welcome Robert Lynde!

  1. Robert Lynde says:

    Thanks Alex! I am super excited to join the team.

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